Music Matters XII.5 – Lecture by Dr. Philip Bohlman (University of Chicago)

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media together with the Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Jewish Studies is proud to host a presentation and workshop by Professor Dr. Philip V. Bohlman (University of Chicago, Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover) on the theme of “Jewish Music and Its Others.”

Lecture: Jewish Music and Its Others

Worshop: Graduate research on music or Jewish studies

When: Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 (lecture), May 11th 10:00 Workshop (OBS23.13)

Time: 17:0018:00

Where: Arts, Culture and Media, Oude Boteringstraat 34, room 002

Jewish Music and its Others

In my presentation at the University of Groningen I shall illustrate the critical importance of non-Jewish music to Jewish music studies with several case studies from my own ongoing research. I shall draw especially from a current project in disciplinary and intellectual history, “Jüdische Musikforschung in Berlin 1900–1950,” and from my work as the Artistic Director of the cabaret, New Budapest Orpheum Society, which dedicates itself to the performance and recording of Jewish cabaret traditions. In both cases, I explore the ways in which non-Jewish music influences Jewish musical thought and practice, not as binaries between Self and Other, rather as more complex and expansive ways of understanding modern Jewish history as a part of modern history, locally and globally. In the course of my Groningen presentation, I shall make a case for redeploying the disciplinary boundaries between Jewish music and its Others as critical to the study of music in modern religious and musicological studies. Bohlman_Phil_photo