Music Matters XV (February 17, 2017) – Karam Shebat

Karam Shebat is a Syrian musician who started making his own music 10 years ago. After finding a passion for singing and guitar-playing he visited a conservatory in Syria. He describes his relationship to music very intimately: ‘when I play my music it feels like I am traveling to another world, to a new place. There you can find peace and love!’

Due to the current civil war, Karam had to flee from Syria, as he did not want to ‘be killed or become a killer’ he told us in a conversation. Having found his new home in Groningen he has one goal: ‘use my music and my voice as a tool to make a new language between Arabic people and European people, and show the whole world something: whoever you are or whatever religion you practice, we have the same language: music and love.’

We look forward to listen to this beautiful language on Friday, February 17th 13:00 in the Harmony Cafeteria.








Please feel free to visit Karam’s Facebook page and give him a like!