08/03/2019 – KIEM x Music Matters: International Woman’s Day Symposium

Lecture with L.J. Müller: ‘Hearing Gender Dynamics in Music’

Feminist musicologists have long struggled with normative analytical methods and seemingly neutral music conceptions that tend to exclude bodies and feelings (e.g. Cusick, McClary). Even further, feminist epistemologies, like Donna Haraway’s situated knowledge, draw into question traditional conceptions of music as objects of study. Eventually with the expansion of popular music studies, theorists found it necessary to widen established perspectives and conceptions of music, to forge models which focus more on relations between subjects and sounds (e.g. DeNora, Shepherd/Wicke, Wicke). Yet still conceptions related to gender alongside wide-spread examples of sexism seem difficult to grasp when considering the more ephemeral qualities of sound. Therefore, from a feminist standpoint, the question arises whether normative conceptions of music and analytical methods might still tend to veil aspects of music that are relevant for the reproduction of gendered inequalities.

In my presentation, I first pose questions about the (possible) aims of music analysis and then deliver a feminist critique of normative conceptions. Inspired by a feminist approach, I’ll discuss some alternatives and propose new ways of hearing gender and sexist dynamics in the sound through representative examples of popular music. With these examples, I argue that a male gaze and performative gender production continually takes place in music and can be meaningfully discussed not only through socio-cultural contexts but also within forms of music analysis. I not only hope to broaden the understanding of the cultural re-/production of sexist dynamics embedded in sound, but also to increase reflexivity about music-analytical tools and to motivate creativity in the finding of alternatives.


23/11/2018 – Guest Lecture with Dr. Dani Oore: MAKE ME FEEL Apes**t

In Association with the Music Matters Symposia, The Music, Sound and Culture Research Group at the Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture presents a special guest lecture by Dr. Dani Oore.

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17/03/2017 – Music Matters XVI – Lecture by Dr. Koos Zwaan (Inholland University)

Digital natives in the music industry? How the Internet ecosystem is creating value for artists: a discussion with researcher Koos Zwaan.

The rise of online platforms has been a game changer for the music industry. “Downloading, video and music streaming, social media and crowdfunding have opened up new alleys for the music industry” writes Dr. Zwaan. This is a well accepted fact among scholars in the field and certainly well discussed in academic publications. What is less discussed, however, is how to make a profit from online presence.
The Inholland University of Applied Sciences, collaborating together with BUMA Cultuur, the Dutch music export organization, has focused on this question in a current study. Koos Zwaan will offer insights into the study and elaborate on the research methods. Furthermore, the current business model(s) will be sketched out, inviting discussions and questions, not only asked by researchers but also everyone interested in understanding our contemporary music industry.